Common Ringed Plover

Common Ringed Plover is mostly a migratory species but part of the British population is resident. The northernmost breeding populations have southernmost wintering sites and migration of those nesting southernmost is the shortest. Hence the British (the southernmost) populations are almost sedentary and their wintering grounds are the furthest north. Ringed Plovers typically migrate in flocks of a few or occasionally just above ten individuals, often together with other waders. A major part of the north-western population migrate over the UK and Ireland in mid-August and mid-September, and in the last two weeks of May. At least some populations migrating from Greenland reach the western coast of Norway and next, in the first half of September, the French. The exact wintering areas are unknown. They probably are in West Africa. Moulting takes place probably mostly in West Africa, in the wintering grounds or more northwards, e.g. on the coast of Morocco or Mauretania, where the birds stop before continuing further south. They likely winter in West Africa but there is no data on distribution of these populations at wintering sites.