The Spring Alive campaign in Africa has passed its halfway point!

The Spring Alive campaign in Africa has ...
School kids in Botswawa on a bird walk.
The African Spring Alive season is continued. A number of registered observations on the Spring Alive website is still growing. All the bird species on which our campaign is focused are already in Africa at the moment. The most often observed bird is the Barn Swallow and the rarest one – the Common Cuckoo. It is difficult to observe Cuckoo in Africa because of its behavior. In Europe the best way to identify Cuckoo is on its characteristic call, but in Africa, where the Common Cuckoo is not a breeding bird, it is silent.
On the picture above you can see the school kids on a bird walk in Botswana.
Please do not forget that the art competition for Africa is continued only to 15th November!
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