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Scotland - White Stork - LindyLoo61
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England - White Stork - Merel Newton
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Spring blog

White Stork
England - White Stork - Hh
Species: White Stork
comments: 0
Stork seen on a neighbours garage roof
White Stork
Wales - White Stork - NB
Species: White Stork
comments: 0
Seen large muster twice and a single bird flying up and landing next two a river course. The sightings were over 3 days. The muster seemed to include approx 20 or more birds. The location of the ...
Northern Ireland - Cuckoo - Kathleen McAleer
Species: Cuckoo
comments: 0
I heard the Cuckoo for the first time this year
Northern Ireland - Cuckoo - Zoup zoup
Species: Cuckoo
comments: 0
Heard the cuckoo sing for the first time this year this morning So happy to know they are back again
Northern Ireland - Cuckoo - Millhouse331
Species: Cuckoo
comments: 0
Heard it calling in the woods beside a fishing lake.
Northern Ireland - Swallow - Colly1
Species: Swallow
comments: 0
Saw several swallows along the South Co. Down coast.
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