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Scotland - White Stork - LindyLoo61
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Scotland - White Stork - LindyLoo61
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Ямбол - White Stork - Pep
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Scotland - White Stork - Barlamb

Species: White Stork
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Informacje o obserwacji:
Stork was flying through the glen we were staying in (cottage is called Cadubh and sits on the Rhiddoroch Estate near Ullapool). It was flying east to west at a low level (probably less than 50 feet high). Four of us witnessed it and initially struggled to identify it. However, shortly after it flew by a Heron also flew past which helped us to realise this bird was at least twice the size of a Heron. My husband feels it was a black stork but I was not sure it was that dark -perhaps more of a grey colour but wings dark. It was evening time (8pm ish) and the weather was relatively calm, dry with a slight breeze. It continued down the glen towards Ullapool. It was flying with its neck stretched out, had dark wings and long trailing legs. Against the top of a line of trees opposite the cottage it was hard to see the beak colour. The wing span looked far bigger than a buzzards, perhaps 6ft across. My husband has previously seen a stork in the Hebrides some years ago (approx 7-8 yrs) and that time it was a Black Stork, so he has more experience at identification than myself.
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