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Don’t take your chicks home with you!

Don’t take your chicks home with you!
During spring, Europeans learnt how to properly treat chicks that fell out of nests, author: Jadwiga Moczarska

As migratory birds once again descend upon Africa to enjoy the warmer climes – including the young who are making the epic journey for the first time – Spring Alive delivers a timely reminder that while birds appreciate our help, sometimes the best thing you can do is leave nature to do its thing.
Although many of the birds arriving in Africa this month have finished their nesting for the year, there are many other species that are putting the final touches on their own nests as they look to build their own families. So, it is just as important that Africa’s children learn what their European friends discovered during their spring – the importance of resisting ‘the call of the cute’.
It’s a heart-wrenching scene: a scruffy, helpless baby bird on the ground, looking up at you with wide, pleading eyes. The need to intervene can be overpowering. Sometimes, you can help by placing it back in the nest (the parents won’t be able to ‘smell’ you). Other times, the best thing you can do is nothing – that bird may not be as helpless, or as abandoned as it seems. Spring Alive has published a comprehensive guide, including an easy-to-remember flow chart, which will help you make the right decision.
Now, as the birds begin the long journey south, it is time for Africa’s children to take the baton of responsibility and look after the beloved birds that tie us all together.
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