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Help the Birds

Do you think that the Spring Alive species are threatened?
Although most of the species you can see above are common birds in Europe, and their populations are numerous and widespread, they face some serious threats. For example, the population of Storks suffered a big decline in second half of the twentieth century. This was mainly because of climatic changes, draining of marshlands and use of agricultural pesticides.
It is possible that one day all these birds will disappear from Europe?
If people do not take proper care of them, and if we do not take care of the places where they live, these very popular and interesting birds may disappear from our towns and countryside. Intensive use of farmland, draining of wetlands, and climate change are all real threats facing European common birds. Conserving and helping wildlife is important today if we want to be able to still watch its wonders tomorrow.
What can I do to help these birds?
Anyone can help birds, regardless of age, by supporting national conservation activities, building a nestbox or feeding birds. Please check for information on how to help individual species by clicking the pictures below.
White Stork
White Storks do not breed in Ireland, so we can't do much to help them here.  People who live in areas of Europe where the birds do live and breed can help by conserving the places where they breed and feed.
Storks like to build their nests on the top of high buildings, trees etc. People elsewhere in Europe who want to attract Storks to their neighbourhoods can build special nest platforms for them.
You can also support sustainable farming (which is bird-friendly) and conservation of Stork habitat throughout Europe by joining BirdWatch Ireland.
Fortunately the population of Swallows is reasonably stable, but to keep it that way we have to ensure that their habitats are kept safe. If you find a Swallow's nest in your shed or barn, please don't remove it - just leave it alone and let the adult Swallows feed their chicks. We should avoid using pesticides and intensive chemicals in farms, so that insects are numerous - these are the Swallows' dinner!
To help conserve the Swallow and other farmland bird species, you can support sustainable farming by joining BirdWatch Ireland.
You can help Swifts by saving their nesting places. It is important that Swifts are not excluded from their traditional nesting sites whenever building work is carried out.
Everyone from individuals to local authorities can make a difference. For example, local authorities can introduce pro-active policies to help Swifts.
If you are really concerned about the Swifts you can alert local authorities about proposed demolition or conversion of old properties such as hospitals, mills and warehouses, so that representations can be made to the owners, developers, architects, builders and local planning authorities.
You can also create access for Swifts in your roof, by leaving or creating small holes, or you can install a special Swift nestbox. You can either make a nestbox yourself, or buy a ready-made one. Please contact BirdWatch Ireland to get the information on how to build a proper box for Swifts.
To help conserve the Cuckoo and other bird species, you can participate in local conservation activities - by doing this you can help prevent habitat loss in your area and support national conservation projects. Also, you can tell your friends all about Cuckoos and their incredible lives, and encourage them to help conserve them too. Joining BirdWatch Ireland is also a great way to make a difference.

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