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Barn Swallow

Swallows are small birds with dark backs glittering with blue, rust-colored throats, white bellies and long forked, streamer-like tails. When it flies, it can look totally black – it’s easiest to recognize by its long tail and skimming flight. Swallows chatter and burble to each other when they sit on wires or along the edges of buildings - they may even wake you up!
How to recognize swallow from swift?
Swift is bigger than swallow. Its wings are narrower but much longer and have falcate shape. In contrast to swift swallow bend its wings in flight. You can meet Barn Swallow in countryside mainly and Swifts in cities.
How to recognize young from adult?
Young Swallows are little bit smaller than adult, not so bright and have shorter tail. If you live in countryside you can see Swallow’s nest on old buildings under the roof. You may also watch how parents feed their nestlings bringing them insects for many times a day. It’s unforgettable sight.
What do they eat?
Swallows eat different insects which they catch in air. Sometimes they can catch insects on ground or walls and collect them from water surface. Swallows drink in flight.
Swallow’s nests
Swallows settle very close to people in seldom visiting buildings but sometimes occupy deserted buildings. They build their nests inside the buildings under ceiling or on walls. Nests look like open hemisphere. To build them swallows use small pieces of soil or clay, long blades which they paste up by spittle. Usually swallows return to their nests every year. In Uzbekistan Barn Swallow hatch out their young two times in summer.
Swallows from Uzbekistan spend the winter in Africa and South Asia.
Distribution of Barn Swallow in Uzbekistan
Number of Swallows breeding in natural habitats in Uzbekistan is law. In anthropogenic landscapes it’s much higher. Barn Swallows are common there. These birds were common in Tashkent before 1966. Later because of active building and city construction this specie disappeared from many districts. Its number visibly decreases in Tashkent each year. In cities of Fergana valley it remains numerous. Friendly human attitude to this bird in our country provides its well-being and has educational importance.

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