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Eastern Cape - Cuckoo - Kate
Eastern Cape - Cuckoo - Kate ...
Eastern Cape - Cuckoo - Kate
Hello. And Bye.
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Spring blog

Gauteng - Swift - Kathleen
Species: Swift
komentarzy: 0
swifts hovering over the wetlands at the delta Environment centre in the morning while we were doing birding. there was a mixture of diffrent kinds of swifts including Palm swifts.
Barn Swallow
Gauteng - Barn Swallow - Strat Pohl
Species: Barn Swallow
komentarzy: 47
Swallows on our Tv antenna at our home in Pretoria. These two birds return every year to their nesting place. The photos were taken on the morning just after their arrival on the 15 September 2010. ...
Limerick - Cuckoo - d
Species: Cuckoo
komentarzy: 2
cuckoo heard calling this evening
Barn Swallow
Emilia Romagna - Barn Swallow - miriam
Species: Barn Swallow
komentarzy: 14
ritorno nei nidi
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