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Eastern Cape - Cuckoo - Kate
Eastern Cape - Cuckoo - Kate ...
Eastern Cape - Cuckoo - Kate
Hello. And Bye.
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Spring blog

White Stork
North West - White Stork - KOBEDI M.M
Species: White Stork
komentarzy: 0
I have just seen the advert for Spring alive today so i decided i am joining the competition and help the learners in our school.As i am not an educator but work in an office, i want to keep our ...
Barn Swallow
Clare - Barn Swallow
Species: Barn Swallow
komentarzy: 2
2 Swallows on a telegraph wire - resting up! Observed near Lisdoonvarna heading towards Corkscrew Hill
Málaga - Bee-eater - Sue
Species: Bee-eater
komentarzy: 32
3 Bee Eaters flying over Benalmadana
Barn Swallow
North West - Barn Swallow - CathyDz
Species: Barn Swallow
komentarzy: 18
I visited a Frikkie Smidt School @ Skeerpoort they told me that the swallows nesting on the verandah had not left that winter.
North West - Swift - Maria S
Species: Swift
komentarzy: 24
It was almost sunset and the swifts and bats where flying overhead feeding.
Limpopo - Cuckoo - Pangolin
Species: Cuckoo
komentarzy: 0
It was a major distraction while I was sitting in church. Needless to say the pastor did not have my FULL attention. Also heard paradise flycatcher and plum-coloured starling at the same time!
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