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Eastern Cape - Cuckoo - Kate
Eastern Cape - Cuckoo - Kate ...
Eastern Cape - Cuckoo - Kate
Hello. And Bye.
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Spring blog

Barn Swallow
Eastern Cape - Barn Swallow - Jenni
Species: Barn Swallow
komentarzy: 2
It was not a barn swallow but a lesser stripped swallow.
Barn Swallow
Kildare - Barn Swallow
Species: Barn Swallow
komentarzy: 26
swallows flying hight & low on monday at 7pm
Barn Swallow
Kildare - Barn Swallow - carmel egan
Species: Barn Swallow
komentarzy: 7
flying &low last thursday afternoon out side in the front ofthe house
Barn Swallow
Cork - Barn Swallow
Species: Barn Swallow
komentarzy: 13
The first swallow arrived in our garage yesterday 15 days later than the previous year. Five chick left the nest on Aug 31st 2012. In 2011 the swallows didn't leave until Oct 10th.
Barn Swallow
Cork - Barn Swallow - irene daly
Species: Barn Swallow
komentarzy: 0
Five Barn Swallows near Bandon town
Barn Swallow
Free State - Barn Swallow - Sanele Zwane
Species: Barn Swallow
komentarzy: 45
African Cliff Swallows with tails that look like swifts. we were convinced that they were swifts. Only told that there are no cliff swifts but Cliff swallows.
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