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Things you can find in a Stork’s nest

Things you can find in a Stork’s nest
Cleaning up a Stork's nest, photo: Eva Stets
When storks are gathering materials for their nests they bring back various things, not knowing they may be dangerous. The danger mostly affects young birds, who – before they’ve learnt to fly – may suffer serious injuries or even lose their lives.
Apart from commonly known dangers in a stork’s nest, such as string, plastic bags are another serious hazard. A chick may put its head into one and if it doesn’t manage to escape from it quickly, may suffocate. These are rare events, but they do occasionally happen.
Fortunately, storks keep their nests tidy in their own way, throwing out unnecessary materials, which they’ve previously gathered. Most probably the things they get rid of don’t suit the storks when they’re building or strengthening their nests, because they don’t only throw out dangerous things, but sometimes also sticks or twigs that they don’t need.
You can see on the picture a stork throwing out plastic bags from its nest.
News and photo: Eva Stets, member of OTOP (Polish Society for the Protection of Birds) and HOS (Hellenic Ornithological Society)
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