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Bee-eater – the master of camouflage

Bee-eater – the master of camouflage
Bee-eaters; photo by Marcin Stefańczyk
      The colours of a bee-eater are similar to those of birds of paradise: bold hues of brown, yellow and blue-green on its trunk and wings beautifully harmonize with a sky-blue underside and a yellow throat. However, bee-eaters have to wait for such an abundance of colours, as young birds have a grey-green back.
      Although this protected species definitely stands out due to its appearance, bee-eaters are often difficult to notice because of their fast flight. They often merge into the colour of blue sky, meadows or fields. Paradoxically, such a colouring gives them safety and enables camouflage.
      A slim body allows bee-eaters to chase insects quickly and effectively. They are fond of butterflies, dragonflies and bees among others. Therefore, their menu is as colourful as they are.

 Text by: Emilia Pawłowska
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