How to participate

Taking part in Spring Alive is inspiring and yet simple and fun.
 And we encourage you to be a part of it in three ways:
  1. Go out with Spring Alive
    Check the calendar of Spring Alive events to see what kind of activities and when are planned by BirdLife Parnters.
    Choose those most suitable one(s) for you and take part either in actions designed to bring help to birds or fascinating    birdwatching outings, picnics, birds fairs, open air bird games and other kind of meetings for bird lovers. Just be there with us, enjoy and help nature whenever it is possible.
  2. Go and help birds
    You really  can help birds, your engagement does matter to them, their habitats and nature as a whole. You can do it by yourself (see the tips in section “What can do to help birds?”) e.g. feeding birds during severe winters or join conservation actions (see the calendar of Spring Alive events) organized by your BirdLife Partner in order to really make a difference with your help. And on top of all  that you can always give your support becoming a member of your national Birdlife Partner and encouraging your friends to follow you.
  3. Add your observation
    In Spring Alive we are conducting a simple birdwatching citizen survey. All you need to do is to register your first sightings of Stork, Swallow, Cuckoo,  Swift, Bee-eater, Sand Martin on our website every year.
    How to submit data?
    Submission of data is very easy. Go through the following points:
  • Get to know about the Spring Alive bird species – Cuckoo, Swallow, Swift, Stork, Sand Martin and Bee-eater and find out when they appear in your country.
  • In this time observe closely your surroundings, and when you see or hear them for the first time this year go to our Spring Alive website. Remember! We are only interested in your very first birds' sightings!
  • Then go to the submission form (Section “Add observation”) and fill all the required fields. You ought to remember where and when you have spotted the birds. 
  • When you fill all the fields, send the form to us, by clicking “submit” button.
  • Than check the maps to see if your first observation pushed Spring forward!
  • Tell your friends that they can contribute as well.
Do your Spring Alive observations in your neighbourhood, your school on a Sunday walk or during Spring Alive events
To get the information on when the Spring Alive Species can appear in your country you can get from the section ,,About birds”or on the local pages of your national BirdLife Partner.
When you see or hear the bird, all you need to do is remember the date and region where you saw it. You don’t have to remember the number of birds you saw or the exact place. The number you will be asked to enter refers to how many people saw the bird(s) with you then.
You can do your Spring Alive observations in your neighborhood, your school surrounding, on the Sunday walk with your parents or participating in Spring Alive events.
You will probably make the best observations on the countryside, as three of the four species lives there – if you live in the city, you ought to wait for swifts, as they live in the cities.
Just take part in Spring Alive and simply - enjoy!