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Spring Alive is an international project
to encourage children's interest in nature and the conservation of migratory birds and to get them to take action for birds and other wildlife as well as to participate in events organized by BirdLife Partners...

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Fascinating ...
Fascinating behaviour of the Common Ringed Plover
While life has lost its variety for many of us, the natural world is always changing. It’s now getting to the time of year when Europe says goodbye to the migratory birds ...
“How to be a good ...
“How to be a good birdwatcher?” contest results have arrived!
This was sooo hard…. to select the best works that entered this year competition organized within Spring Alive. The young authors were asked to provide a handmade drawing ...
Scientists discover ...
Scientists discover why some birds live fast and die young
Size, safety and parenting all have an impact on how quickly a species of bird matures, according to new research from the University of Sheffield that could help scientists ...
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