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Introducing spring messengers I – White ...
White Storks are large wading bird. They can be even 100-125 cm tall, with a 155-200 cm wingspan and a weight of 2.3-4.5 kg. They are mostly white except for the black wing flight feathers. Storks have beautiful, eye catching  red bills and legs, which actually are black when they are young.

What can we do for birds in spring?
Spring is for birds the time of nest building. We can help them by preparing for them places in our gardens, in the area near our house, where it will be easier for them to build a nest.
100 Spring Alive observations!
Today we surpassed the number of 100 observations on our website. Although in the majority of Europe winter is still strong, slowly from the south approaches spring.
Join us looking out for spring ...
On the 1st February 2010 BirdLife International has officially started the annual Spring Alive Campaign. What is it all about?
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