How to build a swift nest box

Video instructions on how to build a swift nest box

As spring transitions into summer, love is in the air. For our beloved Common Swifts (Maltese name: Rundun, Scientific name: Apus apus), the time has come for these aerial aces to land, perhaps for the first time in 10 months.

Following their migration from Africa, these incredible birds will now start laying their eggs and raising young, a critical period in the life cycle of any animal. As baby birds hatch from eggs, birds such as Swifts need a safe place in which to lay their fragile eggs, protected from predators and bad weather. While many birds will build their nests in natural places, like trees and dense vegetation, some species, including Swifts, are happy to use structures that humans have built.

Historically, Common Swifts have used the cavities and ventilators on buildings as a safe place to nest, but as their availability has declined, Swifts and other urban-nesting birds have had to find alternatives. Special nestboxes placed high on walls have provided a great environment for these fantastic birds to breed in, while also offering the opportunity for their adoring fans to gain an excellent view of them entering and leaving the nest!

In this video, we’ll show you how to easily create a luxury nestbox that Swifts and other birds, including Spanish Sparrows (Maltese name: Għasfur tal-Bejt, Scientific name: Passer hispaniolensis), will love to nest in! For the Swift nestbox we built, you can find the dimensions here:

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